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What Iʻm Listening To . . . Hāliu vols. 1-3 by Kūpaoa

First, a story. About ten years ago, I sat in Marsee Auditorium at El Camino College in Torrance, California, listening to a concert by the incomparable Kekuhi Kanahele. She pulled out all the stops on her array of oli-infused vocal … Continue reading

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SONGS: Hoonanea a Hookuene Liliʻu

Fifteen kumu hula and hālau across Southern California have been involved in bringing a remarkable collaboration to the concert stage. This will come to fruition on Sunday, February 15, 2015, at Soka University Performing Arts Center in Aliso Viejo. “Collaboration” … Continue reading


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Happy 2015 Dear Readers!

Hereʻs wishing us all a new year of happiness, prosperity and calm in which to continue to enjoy Hawaiian music and hula! Itʻs hard to believe that my last post here was Sept. 8. This means partly that last semester … Continue reading

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still here . . . still listening

Aloha Dear Readers! Iʻve been kinda scarce here this semester. Okay, okay, Iʻve actually been M.I.A. this semester. So I thought I would ease back in here with some miscellaneous thoughts. Lots of new CDs. Over the past few months, … Continue reading

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Gender and Hawaiian Music

Iʻm making lists and checking them twice. And the exercise is kind of eye-opening. So let me think out loud. I started with a question related to my teaching experience. I teach a course called “American Musical Soundscapes.” So I … Continue reading

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on my mind: Music @ Merrie Monarch 2013 1

Merrie Monarch is always a multi-sensory feast. Of course, we see hula. Folks there get to enjoy the fragrance of all the lei onstage and off. And we are treated to group after group of live music. The question is: … Continue reading

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on my mind . . . putting Humpty back together again

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty got pushed off the wall  or so it seems. I’ve used the Humpty Dumpty image in the past to liken historical and archival research as attempts to find and reassemble pieces into … Continue reading

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Aloha July 2012

Good grief–July 2012 will be history in a matter of hours. As virtually promised, posts here have become sporadic, as I take advantage of the summer months to make progress on the book manuscript Hawaiian Songs Ancient and Modern. I … Continue reading

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July 2012 !!

Thinking . . . thinking . . . thinking . . .  as summer days whiz by . . . I am deep into a writing project that has been with me for awhile — over two decades, in fact. … Continue reading

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Settling into Summer 2012

Aloha Dear Readers!! One of these years I will figure out how to implement vacation messages before I take off. Which is to say that . . . Iʻve been on vacation–a thoroughly needed clearing of the mind and refreshing … Continue reading

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