Videos & YouTube

Mele Ma Ka Lihiwai

A live performance series produced by ʻOiwi TV, often with Hawaiian-language hosting.


A YouTube channel for a  project begun in 2011 to present well-produced performances by Hawaiian artists. Hosted by Jon Yamasato.

Pakele Live 

Live since 2006 via internet streaming, the weekly show is every Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm Hawaiian Standard Time. The series showcases the richness and beauty of Hawaii through its music and musical artists.

Mele Monday 

A weekly digest of Hawaiian music video clips from around the internet, compiled by Hawaiian music super fan Wanda Certo. See also the Facebook page (by subscription only)

Hawaiian Airlines Pau Hana Performances

Hawaiian Airlines presents live Hawaiian music each Friday in its Pau Hana lounge at Honolulu Airport.

Pono Hawaiian Grill (Santa Cruz)

Restaurant and bar featuring live Hawaiian music by Hawaiʻi and California Hawaiian music artists. Videotaping by Norman Markowitz.

Hoʻolohe Hou

Facebook blog by musician and fan Bill Wynne


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