Nā Hōkū Hanohano Song of the Year Award

The “Song of the Year” category dates from 1978. A list like this one honors the creativity of songwriters. According to the website of the Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts (HARA), the category is a “composerʻs award–for best achievement in creating a first-time recorded song.” Although songwriters must be Hawai‘i residents to qualify for this category, there is no limitation of language. A separate Haku Mele category honors songwriters of Hawaiian-language songs.

2019 “Lei Lehua” by Mark Yamanaka and Kalikolīhau Paik. Recorded by Mark Yamanaka on Lei Lehua (Hulu Kūpuna Records)

2018 “Bamboo” by Kimie Miner. Recorded by Kimie Miner on Proud as the Sun

2017  “Hanohano Haʻikū” by Zachary Lum. Recorded by Keauhou on Keauhou

2016  “ʻĀina Hānau” by Nathan Aweau. Recorded by Nathan Aweau on Āina Hānau (Bass Plus Music Arts)

2015  “Kawaiokalena” by Kealiʻi Reichel. Recorded by Kealiʻi Reichel on Kawaiokalena (Punahele)

2014  “E Kuʻu Lei My Darling” by Kuana Torres Kahele. Recorded by Kuana Torres Kahele on Kahele (KTK)

2013  “Uhiwai” by Nathan Aweau. Recorded by Nathan Aweau on ʻIo (Bass Plus Music Arts)

2012  “Nā Vaqueros” by Kuana Torres Kahele. Recorded by Kuana Torres Kahele on Kaunaloa

2011 “Kaleoonālani” by Mark Yamanaha. Recorded by Mark Yamanaha on Lei Pua Kenikeni 

2010  “Polinahe” by Lorna Lim and Wailau Ryder. Recorded by Lorna Lim on Polinahe 2009  “Island Days” by Pali Ka‘aihue. Recorded by Pali on . . . With Aloha

2008  “Ka Lehua ‘Ula” by Weldon Kekauoha. Recorded by Weldon Kekauoha on Ka Lehua Ula 

2007  “Life in These Islands” By Kawika Kahiapo. Recorded by Kaukahi on Life in These Islands 

2006  “Good People” by Jack Johnson. Recorded by Jack Johnson on In Between Dreams 

2005  “‘Ala Anuhea” by Robert Cazimero. Recorded by Brothers Cazimero on Some Call It Aloha … Don’t Tell 

2004  “Ka Nohona Pili Kai” by Puakea Nogelmeier & Keali‘i Reichel. Recorded by Keali‘i Reichel on Ka Nohona Pili Kai 

2003  “E Apo Mai” by Nathan Aweau. Recorded by Nathan Aweau on E Apo Mai

2002  “Aloha” by Dany Kennedy. Recorded by The Mana‘o Company on Spread A Little Aloha

2001  (tie) “Kapilina” by Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett. Recorded by Sean Na‘auao on Poi Pounder

2001  (tie) “Saving Forever” by Lehua Kalima. Recorded by Nā Leo Pilimehana on A Pocketful of Paradise 

2000  “I Miss You, My Hawai‘i” by Kenneth Makuakane. Recorded by Nā Leo on I Miss You, My Hawai‘i 

1999   “Palehua” by Amy Hanaiali‘i Gilliom and Willie Kahaiali‘i. Recorded by Amy Gilliom on Hanaiali‘i 

1998   “Rest of Your Life” by Lehua Kalima. Recorded by Nā Leo Pilimehana on Colours 

1997   “Moloka‘i Slide” by XXX. Recorded by Ehukai on Ehukai 

1996   “Flying With Angels” by Lehua Kalima. Recorded by Nā Leo Pilimehana on Flying With Angels 

1995   “‘Opihi Man” by Craig Kamahele. Recorded by Ka‘au Crater Boys on On Fire! 

1994   “Lei Pikake” by Barry Flanagan & Kī‘ope Raymond. Recorded by Hapa on Hapa 

1993   “Brown Man Blues” by Del Beazley. Recorded by Del Beazley on Night and Day 

1992   “Broken Promise” by Henry Kapono. Recorded by Henry Kapono on Hits 

1991   “Poli‘ahu” by Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett. Recorded by Teresa Bright on Self Portrait 

1990  “Mana‘o Pili” by Diana Aki. Recorded by Diana Aki on Moments With You 

1989   “Good Times Together” by Cecilio Rodriguez. Recorded by Cecilio & Kapono on Good Times Together 

1988   “‘Uwehe, ‘Ami and Slide” by Teresa Brights and Steve Mai‘i. Recorded by Teresa Bright and Steve Mai‘i on Intimately 

1987   “Aloha Is” by Pilahi Paki and Jay Larrin. Recorded by Moe Keale on Aloha is A Part of Me, A Part of You 

1986   “Ka Beauty A‘o Mānoa” by Tony Conjugacion. Recorded by Tony Conjugacion on Hawaiian Passion

1985   “From My Heart” by Danny Couch and Lorraine Ka‘ai. Recorded by Danny Couch on From My Heart 

1984   “Lovers and Friends” by Audy Kimura. Recorded by Audy Kimura on Looking for The Good Life 

1983   “Cane Fire” by Leo Anderson Akana. Recorded by The Peter Moon Band on Cane Fire 

1982   “Come To Me Gently” by Jerry Santos. Recorded by Olomana on Come to Me Gently 

1981   “Hawaiian Eyes” by Randy Borden & Jon Osorio. Recorded by Randy Borden & Jon Osorio on Hawaiian Eyes 

1980   “Waimea Lullaby” by Patrick Downes. Recorded by Frank DeLima on a single with “Honoruru Hawaii” 

1979   “Honolulu City Lights” by Keola Beamer. Recorded by Keola & Kapono Beamer on Honolulu City Lights 

1978   “E Ku‘u Morning Dew / Alone Again Once More” by Eddie Kamae & Larry Kimura / Myrna Kamae. Recorded by Melveen Leed on Hawaiian Country Girl


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