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Hawaiian recordings in the National Jukebox

About the NATIONAL JUKEBOX: The Library of Congress presents the National Jukebox, which makes historical sound recordings available to the public free of charge. The Jukebox includes recordings from the extraordinary collections of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for … Continue reading

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Take 5: Noho Paipai

Hello Dear Readers! Iʻm working on the song “Noho Paipai.” Itʻs one of the songs in my critical edition project. The lyrics were published in 1946 in a collection of John Almeidaʻs songs, with translations by Mary Kawena Pukui. Among … Continue reading

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Recording Studios from Honolulu’s past

Originally posted on Aloha Got Soul:
From July 7 through July 9, 2017, the Smithsonian Asian American Pacific Center will host ʻAe Kai: A Culture Lab on Convergence at the former Foodland space in Ala Moana Center. The 3-day art exhibition features…

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E Mau Ke Ea o Ka ʻĀina

Jon Osorioʻs powerful 2010 commentary in Honolulu Civil Beat is making the rounds on social media once again. Speaking of Hawaiian conceptions of independence, Jon offers a powerful statement on ea: Independence — ea — for us was a basic right … Continue reading

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Take 5: Ka Ipo Lei Manu

Hello Dear Readers! I have “Ka Ipo Lei Manu” on my mind a lot these days. It is one of the songs to be included in a book project that has been many moons in the making. (Long story for … Continue reading

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Thinking about the term “hula kui”

Dear Readers, many of you know that my research has focused on historical aspects of the hula kuʻi tradition. Many of you have asked me, over the years, why I use the term “hula kuʻi” even when Iʻm talking about … Continue reading

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2017: Much of note (so far)

Hello Dear Readers! Iʻve been quiet here for awhile, as my “day job” kept me quite occupied, and this past year was especially intense for all kinds of reasons. So I thought Iʻd start up my return here with some … Continue reading

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Gifts of Support 2016

Our lives and the world we live in are blessed and enriched by the presence of artists. These are the folks who render all manner of human experiences into visions–of truth and authenticity, of terror and horror, of connection and … Continue reading

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Disneyʻs “Moana” — Musical Musings

The animated film “Moana,” Disneyʻs latest foray into the island Pacific, was released in the U.S. last Wednesday Nov. 23. In our present-day world saturated by social media, Moana sailed onto our horizons amidst swells of anticipation for Disneyʻs latest, but … Continue reading

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Aloha 2016!

Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou! Hereʻs wishing everyone the best in happiness and aloha for 2016. Iʻm back. Resolution #2 for 2016 is to renew my commitment to Hawaiian Music for Listening Pleasure. (Resolution #1 relates to health & fitness, I journey … Continue reading

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