Links for Explorers

These pages offer “CyberGuides”–recommendations for resources on topics of interest to Hawaiian music enthusiasts. The resources are a combination of links to internet resources, and print and media productions.

1.  Looking for Hawaiian songs?

Looking for lyrics? Looking for translations? Want to know what a tune sounds like? Check this list of “Finding Aids for Hawaiian Songs” 

2. Looking for recordings of Hawaiian music?  

Want to purchase current CDs? What to look up information about Hawaiian music recordings? Want to listen to R-E-A-L-L-Y old (like over 100 years) recordings of Hawaiian music?

3. Read about Hawaiian music and hula

Read what many authors have to say about Hawaiian music and hula!

4. Videos & YouTube Resources

Watch Hawaiian music online!

5. Hawaiian Language Resources

Want to learn how to speak Hawaiian? Check out these resources.

6. ʻIke Kumu: Wellsprings of Knowledge

Amazing database resources that bring together archival sources and current scholarship about Hawai’i.

7. ʻIke ‘Aina: Knowledge about the Land

Some spectacular ways of seeing and knowing the land.

8. ʻIke Lā’au & I’a: Knowledge about Flora and Fauna

Learn about plants and fishes that live alongside us.

9. ʻIke Honua: Earth Sciences

Geology, volcanoes, and more.

10. ʻIke Mo’olelo: Knowledge about Legends and Myths

Complete digital texts online of classic books of legends–moʻolelo.


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