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1956 Webley Edwards Parade of Hawaiian Songs

Webley Edwards, “Edwardsʻ ʻ56 Parade of Hawaiian Songs” Honolulu Advertiser, July 15, 1956 Webley Edwards was founding host of the Hawai‘i Calls radio show, which began broadcasting in 1935. Edwards wrote a brief commentary to introduce the songlist. Here is … Continue reading


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1966-1970 Jack de Melloʻs Music of Hawaii sets

Unlike other Hawaiian music polls previously posted, these song lists are the contents of four boxed sets of LPs published between 1966 and 1970. The 97 songs included in this set give us much to think about. The genesis of … Continue reading

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1978 “20 Most Recorded Hawaiian Songs”

Okay, this list was compiled by Enid Aldwell, a fan who worked at the old House of Music in Ala Moana Shopping Center. (You remember, don’t you, next to Honolulu Book Store?) Enid Aldwell was one of the major forces … Continue reading

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1996 Honolulu Advertiser poll “Hawaiʻi Sing Along”

Honolulu Advertiser reporters Wanda Adams and Will Hoover wanted to know what songs every Hawai‘i resident should know in order to take part in kani ka pila singalongs. This survey was conducted informally. It is not scientific. Yet there is … Continue reading

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2007 Honolulu Magazine: 50 Greatest Hawai‘i Songs

In June 2007, Honolulu magazine published its poll of “The 50 Greatest Hawai‘i Songs.” I’ve tabulated the information as it was reported in the article. For this poll, magazine executives invited 35 experts to submit their lists. [Disclosure: I was … Continue reading

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