Sighted: Keāiwaokulamanu by The Tuahine Troupe

Imagine my surprise and pleasure, after roaming around Honolulu for two weeks, and hitting the usual haunts — Hungry Ear Records, Ideas, Barnes & Noble, and finding almost nothing new. Then walking into Aloha Hula Supply and wow: a new CD.

The Tuahine Troupe is an ensemble led by Kumu Hula and Dr. R. Keawe Lopes, a Hawaiian-language instructor at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Group members are students who have passed through his courses on mele.

The liner notes are beyond wonderful. In addition to lyrics, translations, and stories, there are even four scores for mele composed by members. And get this: everything printed is entirely in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. The only English is the “The” in “The Tuahine Troupe.” How radical is that?

So I have the CD, but no CD player. Lucky for us, the music is on Spotify and iTunes. But please support this endeavor by ordering a physical copy in order to get the liner notes!! Go to for details.

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2 Responses to Sighted: Keāiwaokulamanu by The Tuahine Troupe

  1. Donna Komidar says:

    Aloha Amy – I immediately ordered this music from Amazon but only download was available – of course I want the liner notes so plan to check with local Barnes and Noble to see if they can order it for me – mahalo nui – Dahmia

    • amykstillman says:

      Hi Dahmia I suggest ordering from Aloha Hula Supply. They received the CD direct from Kumu Keawe Lopes. Cd distribution in Hawaii does not exist 3xcept for “sneaker net” as in artists driving from one store to the next!

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