Grammy woes–pehea lā e pono ai?

Grammy voters receiving their preliminary ballots this week are mystified to find that the category for Hawaiian music, placed within the field named “Folk Music,” now resides in a field renamed to “American Roots.”

Same field, new residents, new name.

For the record, the field includes Americana, bluegrass, traditional & contemporary blues, traditional & contemporary folk, Hawaiian, Native American, and Zydeco or Cajun.

pehea la hoʻi e pono ai? How are we to live in harmony?

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1 Response to Grammy woes–pehea lā e pono ai?

  1. Dahmia says:

    Aloha no/indeed – There are already so many different kinds of music within Hawaiian it seems unbalanced to lump them all into one category with so many others for the Grammy folks’ consideration. We need to let more people know about the Hawaii Music Awards which permit music other than originating from the Hawaiian Islands so we can include our ohano who are transplanted since the Na Hoku Hano Hano doesn’t include them. At least that’s my understanding.

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