Lists of Resources


Bibliographies, Discographies, Filmographies, Videographies, Catalogs, Checklists . . . These tools are all types of lists that track inventory. A Bibliography is a list of citations to books, magazines, articles–primarily printed matter. A Discography is a list of citations to sound recordings. A Catalog will include the contents of a specific collection; for example, a library catalog will list everything within that particular library; something like “Catalog of Waikiki Record LPs” would be a numerical listing of long-play recordings issued by the Waikiki Record Co.

These tools may be organized in a variety of ways. For example, a bibliography with the scope of “Hawaiian Songbooks” may aspire to be as comprehensive as possible, and the compiler would be a sleuth tracking down and identifying as many Hawaiian songbooks as possible, large and small, old and recent, produced in Hawai‘i as well as outside Hawai‘i, etc. But a compiler could also specify a narrower focus, such as “Hawaiian Songbooks Published in Hawai‘i,” or “Hawaiian Songbooks Published in Japan” or “Hawaiian Songbooks with piano-vocal musical scores.”

This page will be like a workbench for me to gather lists of resources of:

  1. lists of sources that collect items of Hawaiian music and hula
  2. lists of sources of information about Hawaiian music and hula

These lists will focus on “products.” For collections of links to websites, go to the “Links for Explorers” page.

Log of Resource Lists

Hawaiian Music and Hula: Bibliography of Printed Sources

This list is updated periodically. It includes information resources as well as a bibliography of published songbooks of Hawaiian songs.

Hawaiian-Language Protestant Hymnals: A Checklist

A chronological list of hymnals printed primarily in Hawai‘i at the mission press.

Ukulele Resources: A Selection

Hawaiian Steel Guitar Resources: A Selection

Online Resources ABOUT Hawaiian Music and Its History


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