Aloha . . . ke huli hoʻi nei . . .

Howit. Years have passed but my passion for Hawaiian music has not waned.

But in the meantime, galactic changes in the world . . . a pandemic . . . Recalibrating anything and everything!! Including wanting to resurrect “Hawaiian Music for Listening Pleasure” from silence.

After 2-1/2 years of sheltering at home in place, I have returned to Honolulu for my first visit. Things have changed, to be sure. But the enduring ʻāina remains. From the mountains to the ocean, as the song goes. The lāhui continues to progress. It is good to put feet and spirit onto the pae ʻāina once again, and reconnect with ʻohana and hoa.

Mahalo ke Akua for Zoom!! Dear Readers, it has been a blessing as well as a lifeline to enjoy new opportunities to be connected. Support local musicians via online tip jars! Partake of lectures, panel discussions and new learning opportunities for unparalled intellectual input. Ua ʻī ka puʻuwai na ke aloha!

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5 Responses to Aloha . . . ke huli hoʻi nei . . .

  1. alohaipu says:

    Yay Amy! Welcome back to your blog, and also how good it must feel to return home. Are you on sabbatical? If so, maybe I will see you – I hope to visit this year. Much Aloha, Anne

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    • amykstillman says:

      Iʻm on sabbatical. And guess what? I have a complete draft of the critical edition done at last. Lots of editing and fact-checking. But a complete draft. whew!

  2. Liko Puha says:

    Wonderful update.Enjoy! I am in Kauaʻi myself, feeling much the same as you.

  3. amykstillman says:

    Oh enjoy every moment of ʻāina, iʻa, puaʻa kālua, etc etc etc!!

  4. It is our deep relationship with place that informs our very existence.
    My spirit is mourning the lack of intimacy with our lands, it’s stories and the scent of all things in nature. I miss our lahui the familial connections that speak to our place in the world.

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