Ke huli hoʻi nei

Dear Readers — Itʻs been over a year since my last post here. A lot has happened since. But among other things, I think itʻs time to resume thinking out loud about my greatest passion — Hawaiian music and hula. The music industry continues to fracture globally, as artists find their way in a social media and streaming landscape that made physical product virtually obsolete. Hawaiian artists continue to produce products, but finding them . . . is a challenge. Wonderful books have been published in recent years, which have not yet been duly noted and celebrated here at Hawaiian Music for Listening Pleasure. More video treasures turn up on YouTube and Vimeo and other platforms. We live in a time when we are in contact as never before. Our Facebook- and Twitter-saturated lives lets us watch our favorite artists encounter each other in Japan, or see hōʻike videos from friends & family in Indianapolis.

Within the next week I will post a 2019 gift list for Hawaiian music fans. Show your love and support your favorite artists!! Then drop by for conversation from time to time . . . Aloha, Amy K.

Previews: thoughts on the remarkable project “Lei Nāhonoapiʻilani” … 2020 Grammy nominees … multi-artist projects … a new focus called “sighted on eBay” … Hawaiian music channels (Headʻs up — theyʻre not all in Hawaiʻi) … stay tuned!

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