Hawaiian Recordings in the National Jukebox: A Chronological View

The National Jukebox, presented by the Library of Congress, includes more than 10,000 recordings made by the Victor Talking Machine Company between 1901 and 1925. Sony Music Entertainment, which now owns the recordings, has granted the Library of Congress a license to stream these recordings.

You can listen to the recordings on the National Jukebox site!!

Hawaiian Recordings:

I found 138 recordings by searching on the following keywords: Hawaiian, Hawaii, aloha, hula. In addition to songs well-known and well-loved by Hawaiian audiences, this list also includes two other kinds of songs:

  1. Commercial Hawaiian-themed songs generated by the songwriting industry located in New Yorkʻs “Tin Pan Alley;” songs of the sort that Hawaiian musicians and audiences alike would reject;
  2. Sogns on the B-side of recordings by national artists like John Philip Sousaʻs Band or the Victor Military Band.

In other words, this list is simply reporting the results of keyword searches.

This list orders the 138 recordings by the date of the recording session identified in the cataloging records. Itʻs actually kind of fascinating to take this kind of birdʻs-eye view of data before starting to sift through it. (Think about it: Iʻm all for questioning something like “Hu-la Hu-la Cake Walk” by Sousaʻs Band, and “Kicky-Koo, Kicky-Koo” by the Green Brothers Marimba Orchestra as not Hawaiian. But what about “Ka-lu-a” by Edna Brown & Elliott Shaw? Or “Alabama Moon” by the Hawaiian Trio? On what basis of Hawaiian song, Hawaiian artist, and Hawaiian “theme” are lines to be drawn?) Also notice: Hawaiian artists predominate until 1916, then thin out as mainland artists come in–with more Tin Pan Alley kinds of songs.


  • 1901 April 5: Sousaʻs Band. “Hu-la Hu-la Cake Walk”
  • 1904 July: Ellis Brothers Glee Club
    Ellis Bros. Glee Club Quartet. “Aloha Oe”
    with Nani Alapai. “Auhea Lau Vabine”
    with Nani Alapai. “Hilo Kupa Loke”
    William S. Ellis & Ellis Bros. Glee Club. “Hiu Hiu A Uwahi”
    William S. Ellis & Ellis Bros. Glee Club.  “Honolulu Tom Boy:
    William S. Ellis & Ellis Bros. Glee Club.  “Mai Poina Oe Iau”
    Ellis Bros. Glee Club Quartet. “Maid of Honolulu”
    William S. Ellis & Ellis Bros. Glee Club. “One, Two, Three”
    with Nani Alapai. “Pua Carnation”
    William S. Ellis & Ellis Bros. Glee Club. “Waikiki Mermaid”
  • 1911 Dec. 14: Sousaʻs Band. “Aloha Oe”
  • 1913 April 11: Hawaiian Quintette
    “Aloha Oe”
    “Mai Poina Oe Iau”
    with S. M. Kaiawe. “Mauna Kea”
    with E. K. Rose. “My Honolulu Hula Girl”
    “Tomi Tomi”
  • 1913 April 16: Hawaiian Quintette
    “Akahi Hoi”
    with Walter Kolomoku. “Hawaiian Melodies”
    with W. B. J. Aeko. “Kawiliwiliwai”
    with S. M. Kaiawe. “Kiu Home”
    with E. K. Rose. “Lei Poni Moi”
    with Benjamin Waiwaiole. “Moanalua”
  • 1913 April 18: Hawaiian Quintette
    “Hawaii Ponoi”
    “Honolulu Tom Boy”
    “Kaua I Ka Huahuai”
    with Benjamin Waiwaiole. “Kokohi”
    “Maui Girl”
    “Pua I Mohala”
    with E. K. Rose. “Sweet Lei LEhua”
    “Ua Like No A Like”
  • 1913 June 16: Arthur Pryorʻs Band. “Hawaii Ponoi”
  • 1914 July 3:  Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe
    “Liaika Wai Mapuna”
    “Rain Tuahine”
    “Toots Paka Medley”
  • 1914 November 6: Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe
    “Akahi Hoi”
    “Kalai o Pua”
    “Poli Pumehana”
  • 1914 December 12: Pale K. Lua. “Ua Like No A Like”
  • 1914 December 16: Pale K. Lua. “The Rosary”
  • 1914 December 16: Pale K. Lua & David K. Kaili. “Hawaiian Waltz Medley”
  • 1914 December 17: Irene West Royal Hawaiians
    “Papio Huli Medley”
  • 1914 December 18: Pale K. Lua & David K. Kaili
    “Honolulu March”
    “Kilima Waltz”
    “Kohala March”
  • 1914 December 19:
    Pale K. Lua & David K. Kaili. “Happy Heinie March”
    Irene West Royal Hawaiians. “Meleana E”
  • 1914 December 22: Pale K. Lua & David K. Kaili
    “Indiana March”
  • 1915 January 7 Pale K. Lua & David Kaili. “Hula Medley”
  • 1915 January 12 Pale K. Lua & David Kaili
    “Aloha Oe”
    “Cunha Medley”
    “Maid of Honolulu”
    “Old Plantation”
    “Wailana Waltz”
  • 1915 June 6 Pale K. Lua & David Kaili. “Minnehaha Waltz Medley”
  • 1915 June 11 James Reed and James Harrison: “My Hula Maid”
  • 1915 October 5: Louise and Ferera
    “Kawaihau Waltz”
    “Moe Uhane Waltz”
  • 1915 October 6: Charles Harrison: “Little Honolulu Lou”
  • 1915 October 11: Louise and Ferera. “On the Beach at Waikiki”
  • 1915 October 18: Louise and Ferera. “My Bird of Paradise”
  • 1916 January 3: Victor Military Band. “Stop, Look, and Listen”
  • 1916 February 1: Ward Barton & Frank Carroll. “Hawaiian Love Song”
  • 1916 February 29: Victor Military Band. “Hello, Hawaii”
  • 1916 March 17: Collins & Harlin. “Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula”
  • 1916 April 4: Victor Military Band. “Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula”
  • 1916 April 5: Athenian Mandolin Quartet. “Mo-Ana”
  • 1916 April 10: Orpheus Quartet with Raymond Dixon. “She Sang Aloha to Me”
  • 1916 May 18: Louise and Ferera
    “Hawaiian Hula Medley”
    “Song to Hawaii”
  • 1916 May 29: Louise and Ferera
    “Maui Aloha”
    “Pua Carnation”
    “Waikiki Mermaid Medley”
  • 1916 June 1: Nora Bayes. “Hello Hawaii How Are You”
  • 1916 June 7: Avon Comedy Four. “Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula”
  • 1916 July 13:
    Pietro, “Hello Hawaii How Are You”
    Sterling Trio. “On the South Sea Isle”
  • 1916 July 18: Louise and Ferera
    “Hawaiian Echoes Medley”
    “Ka Maia o ka Maoli”
    “Waiu Luliluli”
  • 1916 August 11: Wright and Dietrich
    “Lei Aloha”
    “On the Beach at Waikiki”
  • 1916 September 9: Wright and Dietrich
    “Isles of Aloha”
    “Pua Mohala”
  • 1916 September 16
    Wright and Dietrich. “My Honolulu Hula Girl”
    Horace Wright. “OʻBrien is tryinʻ to talk Hawaiian”
  • 1916 September: Wright and Dietrich
    “My Hawaiian Maid Medley”
    “Song to Hawaii”
  • 1916 October 9: Sterling Trio. “My Lonely Lola Lo”
  • 1916 October 12: Irving Kaufman. “My Waikiki Ukulele Girl”
  • 1916 November 27: Henry Burr and Albert Campbell. “My Hawaiian Sunshine”
  • 1916 December 7: Colllins & Harlan. “Theyʻre wearing them higher in Hawaii”
  • 1916 December 27: Victor Military Band. “So Long, Letty”
  • 1917 January 30: Peerless Quartet. “Those Hawaiian Melodies”
  • 1917 February 20: E. K. Rose
    “Aloha Oe”
    “Pua Sadinia”
  • 1917 April 20: Charles H. Hard and Elliott Shaw. “Hawaiian Butterfly”
  • 1917 June 13: Orpheus Quartet with Raymond Dixon. “My Hawaii (Youʻre Calling Me)”
  • 1919 January 30: Joseph C. Smithʻs Orchestra. “Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight”
  • 1919 July 24
    Charles H. Hart and Elliott Show. “Hawaiian Lullaby”
    Lilian Rosedale and Vivian Holt. “Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight”
  • 1920 March 8: Frank Ferera & Anthony J. Franchini. “Wild Flower”
  • 1920 March 19: Hawaiian Trio. “Alabama Moon”
  • 1920 April 12: Frank Ferera & Anthony J. Franchini
    “Beautiful Hawaii”
    “Bright Moon Waltz”
  • 1920 May 14
    Hawaiian Trio. “Hawaiian Twilight”
    Frank Ferera & Anthony J. Franchini. “One-Two-Three-Four”
  • 1920 November 24: Frank Ferera & Anthony J. Franchini.
    “Hawaiian Nights”
    “Let the Rest of the World Go”
  • 1921 February 4: Henry Burr and Albert Campbell. “Underneath Hawaiian Skies”
  • 1921 March 2: All Star Trio. “Siren of a Southern Sea”
  • 1921 March 4: Paul Whiteman Orchestra. “Underneath Hawaiian Skies”
  • 1921 June 30: Charles H. Hard and Elliott Shaw. “Honolulu Honey”
  • 1921 July 15: Charles H. Hard and Elliott Shaw. “Sweet Hawaiian Girl ʻo Mine”
  • 1921 September 7: Frank Ferera & Anthony J. Franchini. “Dream Kiss”
  • 1922 January 3: Edna Brown & Elliott Shaw. “Ka-lu-a”
  • 1922 January 27: Joseph Smithʻs Orchestra. “Lola-lo”
  • 1922 April 28: Green Brothers Marimba Orchestra. “Kicky-Koo, Kicky-Koo”
  • 1922 May 31: Paul Whiteman Orchestra. “Neath the South Sea Moon”
  • 1923 December 10: Nicholas Barbarito & Warren Patterson. “Hawaiian Melodies”
  • 1924 March 14: Frank Ferera and The Troubadours. “Hula Lou”
  • 1924 July 18: Victor Salon Orchestra. “Aloha Sunset Land”
  • 1924 November 25: Green Brothers Marimba Orchestra. “When itʻs love-time in Hawaii”


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