E Mau Ke Ea o Ka ʻĀina

Jon Osorioʻs powerful 2010 commentary in Honolulu Civil Beat is making the rounds on social media once again. Speaking of Hawaiian conceptions of independence, Jon offers a powerful statement on ea:

Independence — ea — for us was a basic right that was enshrined by law. We may either give in to the cynicism of the age and in the face of such enormous power wielded by the United States, conclude that self-determination is a foolish delusion, or we can press Americans to live up to a better standard of behavior and perhaps, a better version of themselves. But in the end, it is more important that we Hawaiians refuse to surrender our own faith in ea.

I returned to a memorable recording to revisit one of the Kingdom of Hawaiiʻs national anthems, “He Mele Lahui Hawaii” by (then-) Princess Liliʻuokalani. Here it is again, with all three verses. The track is performed by the Rose Ensemble of St. Paul, Minnesota. Their hard work on the ʻōlelo paid off handsomely.

Click here to go to the Wikipedia page with all lyrics, translation, and a beautiful color photograph of the sheet music published in 1867.

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2 Responses to E Mau Ke Ea o Ka ʻĀina

  1. Beth Post says:

    Aloha e Dr. Stillman,This newsletter is very timely. I’ve played digital versions (legally purchased, of course), of the Rose Ensemble’s wonderful versions Hawaiian mele on my radio show, and our station has a rather dog-eared copy of the CD, but I only just recently “splurged” on a hard copy for my own. The music on that album is so lovingly and skillfully rendered, I return to it time and again. I also wanted to give mahalo for your previous newsletter regarding your choice for top 5 versions of Ka Ipo Lei Manu. I hope you don’t mind that I shared your choices with my listeners on last week’s shows. It provides for a fun playlist. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously, Dr. Stillman. I look forward to continuing to learn from you. Me ke aloha,Beth PostNā Mele I Hawai’i at KDRTKdrt.org/node/7419

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  2. Anne Blankenship says:

    One of my favorite CDs!

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