Hoʻolohe Hou Radio

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Congratulations to Hoʻolohe Hou Radio, a 24/7 streaming Internet radio station which just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter fundraising drive.

Long-time musician, record-collector and uber-fan Bill Wynne launched the radio station as “a unique and exciting new concept in Hawaiian music edutainment.” The station, which is hosted on the Live365 platform, is an outgrowth of Wynneʻs excellent Hoʻolohe Hou blog.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.49.20 AM

To quote from Hoʻolohe Hou Radioʻs press release: “Enterprising Hawaiian music lover and musician Bill Wynne has launched Ho`olohe Hou Radio from the basement studio of his New Jersey home via internet radio platform Live365. Unlike any previous endeavor in Hawaiian music radio, the station features primarily out-of-print recordings from Wynne’s archives of more than 25,000 Hawaiian music recordings – in various archaic media dating back to 1906 – which he has spent thousands of hours painstakingly remastering. More than this, the station is a first-ever attempt at Hawaiian music “edutainment” with Wynne offering commentaries throughout each programing day on the historic and cultural importance of the music and artists heard on the station.”

Click here to visit and like Hoʻolohe Hou Radioʻs Facebook page.

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1 Response to Hoʻolohe Hou Radio

  1. Auntie Maria says:

    While I applaud every broadcast which features the music of Hawai`i, the assertion that “Ho`olohe Hou” is a first of its type, bears correcting. Harry B. Soria, Jr. has been broadcasting his “Territorial Airwaves” program on island radio for over 37 years — and has archived all of his shows for online on-demand listening free at his website, territorialairwaves.com. Not only does he have the music, he actually knew most of the older musicians whose music he features.

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