kaleimailealii.net is stealing content again

Back in 2011 I filed complaints against this rouge site, kaleimailealii.net, scraping content from “Hawaiian Music for Listening Pleasure.” I went through the formalities of filing DMC complaints with hosting services, and for awhile it seemed like the scraping subsided. Well, itʻs back. My content, with my name removed.

“And I think to myself, what a wtf world . . . “

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2 Responses to kaleimailealii.net is stealing content again

  1. alohaipu says:

    There is also a kaleimailealii.org – are they the same folks?

  2. amykstillman says:

    Hi there — Kaleimailealii.org is a legitimate site for a Hawaiian Civic Club in Honolulu!! Itʻs the .net folks that are sleazeballs.

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