Take 5: “Ua Like No A Like”

So Iʻm looking at some of the “tune itineraries”–chronological discographies of individual songs that illustrate a songʻs journeys. Here are a few nuggets from  the itinerary for “Ua Like No A Like” by Alice Everett.

1. Earliest publication of sheet music? The song is no. 20 in the series “Mele Hawaii” curated by Henry Berger and published by the Hawaiian News Co. by 1898.

2. Earliest known recording? 1904, by William Ellis and Ellis Brothers Glee Club (Victor 15044).

3. My favorite operatic rendition? Emma Veary, on the LP My Heart Belongs to Hawaii (Music of Polynesia MOP-16000, 1970s)

4. Most sublime falsetto? George Kainapau, on the LP The Golden Voice of Hawaii (Decca DL7-4059, 1960)

5. My current favorite recording: Mailaniʻs rendition on her first CD Mailani (Mountain Apple MACD-2122, 2009). It is a faithful rendition of the melody that is lovingly delivered. Not a single extraneous filigree. Pure voice.

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