Hawaiian Music and Hula Bibliography is moving here!

For years now I have been compiling a running bibliography of publications about Hawaiian music and hula. (A bibliography is simply a list of what has been published, but lists are extremely valuable for identifying the existence of resources and information.) You can still visit it here:

Hawaiian Music and Hula: Bibliography of Printed Sources

Lists of books and articles written about Hawaiian music and hula. Maintained and updated sporadically. But hey, maintained and updated!! This project began as updates to the bibliography on Hawaiian music published in the 1979 edition of Hawaiian Music and Musicians: An Illustrated History (edited by George Kanahele), and the bibliography of hula published in the 1982 book The Hula by Jerry Hopkins (bibliography by yours truly).

The site was made possible by a resource named Sitemaker hosted by University of Michigan. Well, UM has finally announced that it will be retiring Sitemaker.

So, . . .  the contents of the Bibliography will be migrated to this site. Over the coming weeks (and maybe months), I will be moving and “remodeling” the Bibliography. It will be a “static page” accessible from the menu bar just under the title banner–its “Bibliographies” link is already up there!

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