Blog Content Theft Update

Aloha! I have filed a copyright infringement complaint with the host provider of the website KALEIMAILEALII <dot> NET, for reproducing without my permission and without my knowledge, 36 posts in their entirety, from my blog “Hawaiian Music for Listening Pleasure.” The material on my blog is authored by me, Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman, and I have copyright notices posted on my site.

That website has also since scraped my additional posts on Blog Content Theft. !!

If you are reading this content at KALEIMAILEALII <dot> NET, please be informed that you are reading stolen content from the blog “Hawaiian Music for Listening Pleasure.”

© 2011 Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman. All Rights Reserved

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1 Response to Blog Content Theft Update

  1. Have some respect, people. Hope this gets squared away.

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