Blog Content Theft

Aloha Dear Readers,

Imagine my surprise when a google search landed me on a website — KALEIMAILEALII <dot> NET    where I saw my blog posts reproduced IN THEIR ENTIRETY, complete with all graphics.

Imagine my shock when I clicked on “Add a comment” and landed back on my own blog.

Imagine my outrage when I actually wrote a comment to myself, and the comment never arrived back in my inbox for my approval.

This website has four sections: 1) Hawaiian Art; 2) Hawaiian Food; 3) Hawaiian Music; and 4) Hula Dancing. In every section, EVERY post is ripped from another blog. In “Hawaiian music,” content is coming from Patrick Landezaʻs blog and a Kaua‘i events calendar as well as this blog. In the Hawaiian Food section, once again, the posts are wholesale reproductions traceable back to the original blogs.

I could trace my posts on this website back to mid-summer of 2010. Every post since then is on this website.

A bit more googling gave me a quick education into a phenomenon called “blog content theft.” Blog Content Theft is the unauthorized reproduction of blog posts, but with attribution of authorship removed.

The site I discovered has no contact identification anywhere on the site. It is untraceable through public domain identification directories.

I have no choice but to put “Hawaiian Music for Listening Pleasure” on hiatus until I can figure out how to untangle this situation.

aloha, Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman

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3 Responses to Blog Content Theft

  1. Dahmia says:

    It’s one thing to want to share information but all efforts should be made to give credit to the creators whether it’s music, choreography, text, etc. That’s the least you can do and it would be really nice to offer a link to support the resource rather than just take the information.

  2. Some good advice here, might work, might not. Technologically there is not much you can do about it. If you’re lucky, it could be a clueless individual meaning no harm but oblivious to the law and common decency. Or someone who could give a rat’s ‘elemu. I’ve had it and just try to focus on why I started Nahenahe in the first place. Good luck.

  3. D.A. says:

    Wow that’s pretty nuts. Good luck!

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