New–Links Pages and Essays

New features on the blog! Click on the menu options above.

Essays: Two essays Iʻve posted elsewhere–“So You Want To Study Hula?” and “On the Kuleana of a Kumu Hula” are now gathered in this section.

Links for Explorers: This section will be a resource guide. But instead of one long and unwieldy page, I will post “CyberGuides” on specific topics of interest. The first two guides are posted: “Finding Aids for Hawaiian Songs” (a relocation of a blog post from last year) and “Hawaiian Language Resources.”

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1 Response to New–Links Pages and Essays

  1. John Rosa says:

    Eh, Amy — your site is AWESOME! I came across it while looking for trustworthy information on the history of “Kawika.” (Sorry, but I did not initially notice the webpage address on your business card!) Thanks for the reference to the Hawaiian Music Foundation journal featuring Rick Trimillos. Catch you later — John

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