Aloha Makahiki Hou News

January is almost over, and I have not gotten back here in awhile. My bad!!!! The start of our winter term had me in syllabus purgatory for quite awhile . . .

This being Grammy week, we are all gearing up for the Awards ceremony this coming Sunday, Jan. 31. Only the top awards are announced on the televised show. The majority of the awards are announced in a pre-telecast ceremony that is now WEBCAST LIVE on  The ceremony begins at 1:00pm PST. The Hawaiian music category is about 2/3 of the way through the list.

Of course I am rooting for the CD “He Nani,” since I am co-producer, and I co-wrote all of the material with Daniel Ho. It is the only one of the four nominated CDs in the Hawaiian category that consists of all newly-written material.

This term I am teaching two courses. One is titled “American Musical Soundscapes.” The other is a First-Year Seminar (they used to be called Freshman Seminar before the gender-in-language movement hit) titled “Hawaiʻiʻs Cultural Politics.” We are reading the following books:  Island World by Gary Okihiro, Aloha Betrayed by Noenoe Silva, and Ethnicity and Inequality in Hawaiʻi by Jonathan Okamura. Of course we are discussing all the cultural politics embroiled in the Grammy category for Best Hawaiian Album!! My students are a lively lot!

Final news:  I have confirmed what I will be teaching at University of Hawaiʻi next year, when I will be Dai Ho Chun Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Departments of American Studies and of Music. In Fall 2010 I am teaching the undergraduate course “Musical Cultures: Hawaiʻi” (MUS 478B) and a graduate seminar titled “Critical Genealogies of American Music.” In Spring 2011, I will be teaching my undergraduate course “American Musical Soundscapes,” and a graduate seminar titled “Hawaiian Music Historiography.” This last will be a first on many counts–the very first time I will be leading a graduate-level research seminar in Hawaiian music; it is also the very first time that the UH Music Department will be offering a graduate-level seminar focused entirely on Hawaiian music. Howʻs that for making history?

Thatʻs the latest. Whatʻs up with you folks?

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2 Responses to Aloha Makahiki Hou News

  1. Lin Beyer says:

    Sounds like exciting times ahead. (Good thing you’ll have plenty of fresh Kona coffee within reach).
    Congrats ! Although I’m kinda surprised UH never had a grad level seminar on Hawaiian music until now.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Aloha e Auntie Amy!

    I just found your blog (via’s email blast). How wonderful! I can’t wait to read the archives and new posts. I’m looking forward to seeing you at hula camp in a few weeks!

    A hui hou,
    Stefanie Kealaakamai Graves
    Ka Lei Aloha O Hula

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