Breathe in, breathe out

Aloha kākou! It is Tuesday, and I am tardy in getting a new post up. The past four days have been crazy productive, as Daniel Ho and I cranked out the contents of our songbook. The title is:  nā ʻikena: new horizons in hawaiian music, and it will contain detailed musical scores of the mele, song-by-song moʻolelo, and a detailed introductory manaʻo on all of the songs on the Grammy award-winning CD ʻIkena and its 2009 followup, He Nani. Daniel is completing the layout, and we hope to have the volume in production by November, with an early 2010 release.

I continue to develop posts for this blog. You can probably guess, from what has already been posted, that I have an agenda, and it is going to take a long time to get through it. We will have lots to keep us all busy, and hopefully talking. On the immediate horizon in Recordings & Recommendations: anthology CDs (which can be distinct from compilation CDs–stay tuned to find out how), hula kuʻi songs, hapa haole songs, slack key / kī hōʻalu, oli. In Resources: online resources about Hawaiian music, books online, and recommendations for a starter library. (Do we all have Place Names of Hawaiʻi in addition to the Hawaiian Dictionary [1986 edition] on our bookshelves? Do we all have at least one edition of Charles E. Kingʻs Book of Hawaiian Melodies in addition to He Mele Aloha?)

I would love to hear from you too, dear readers. What topics would  you like to see covered and/or posted for discussion?

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