1966-1970 Jack de Melloʻs Music of Hawaii sets

Unlike other Hawaiian music polls previously posted, these song lists are the contents of four boxed sets of LPs published between 1966 and 1970. The 97 songs included in this set give us much to think about.

The genesis of this set is explained in a preface to the first volume:  “Ala Moana Center, as well as its parent companies . . . Hawaiian Land Co. and Dillingham Corporation . . . commissioned Jack de Mello to produce this special volume of the Music of Hawaii to commemorate the completion of Ala Moana, one of the worldʻs largest shopping centers.”

In contrast to the 2007 and 1996 polls which represented attempts to identify important songs, and in contrast to the 1978 list which was based on statistical frequency of recordings, these lists represent the selection of an individual producer, Jack de Mello. It is clear from the very extensive notes that the selection is based on extensive historical research through libraries and archives. So the entire set does present a certain kind of historically conscious musical snapshot of Music of Hawai‘i. Although Volumes 1, 3 and 4 focus exclusively on Hawaiian-language songs and songs with clear connections to Hawai‘i, Volume 2 does acknowledge several of the communities established in Hawai‘i through plantation labor immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Two notes about my presentation of these lists. First, all spellings are shown here as they appeared on the boxes. Second, tracks in boldface were reissued on Jack de Melloʻs Music of Hawai‘i CD, published by Mountain Apple Co. in 1999.

Volume 1: From the Missionaries Through Statehood Volume 2: The Twentieth Century
Glory to God In The Highest On The Beach At Waikiki
Hawaii Aloha E Huli Makou
Ula Noweo Akaka Falls
Aloha No Au I Ko Maka Kamehameha Waltz
He Inoa No Kaiulani Hilo Hanakahi
Makalapua Molokai Waltz
Maunawili Hanohano Hanalei
Hawaii Ponoi Chamarita
Kaulana Na Pua Song of Happiness
Hilo March – Koni Au Rice Planting Song
Heha Waipio Pupu Niihau
Ke Kali Nei Au Maui Girl
Maui Chimes I Want To Go Back To My Little Grass Shack
Pearly Shells Here In This Enchanted Place
Beyond the Reef Little Brown Gal
Hukilau Song Keep Your Eyes On The Hands
Papalina Lahilahi – Kaneohe Hawaii
Lahainaluna Lovely Hula Hands
E Lei Ka Lei Lei Imua Hawaii
Hawaiian War Chant My Hawaii
Ala Moana Rhapsody The Hasegawa General Store
Naka Pueo Tiny Bubbles
Lei Aloha Lei Makamae One Paddle, Two Paddle
No Pa Li La Fantasy Iʻll Remember You
I Wish They Didnʻt Mean Goodbye – Aloha Oe
Volume 3: The Golden Years of the Monarchy Volume 4: The Story of the Royal Hawaiian Band
Hawaii Ponoi Old Hundred
Hilo March Huki March
Kamehameha March – Imua Kamehameha Liholiho
Hawaiian Drinking Song (Koni Au) Na Alii
Old Plantation Kilioukalani
Kohala March Nuuanu Polka
A Song For Kaiulani Big Mountain (Kilakila Haleakala)
The Tender Touch of Love Paoakalani
Song Of The Sea (Kahuna Kai) Childrenʻs Song
Dancing Breeze (Ma Lanai Anu Kamakani) Alekoki
Keawaiki Kingʻs Serenade (Imi Au Ia Oe)
Akahi Hoi Kalakaua March
Nani Wale Lihue Song Of The Islands
Ua Like No A Like (Constant Heart) Meleana
Hanohano E Waialae
He Inoa Ke Ia Waipio Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai
Aoia Me Nei
Sweet Lei Lehua Kamehameha Hymn
Mai Poina Oe Iau Queenʻs Hula
Molokai Nui A Hina Beautiful Kahana
Kaleleonalani Manuela Boy
Song For Kamehameha (Hole Waimea) Sweet Leilani
The Queenʻs Prayer Hawaii 5-0
Aloha Oe To You Sweetheart Aloha
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