Aloha kākou! Mahalo nui to all of you who have come by to check out this new blog!!! I hope that my musings will continue to interest you in coming back again and again.

1. To help you out, let me announce my intent to post at least once per week, on Saturday evenings. I may try to post more often, but please understand that I am a university professor and our fall term begins in a week–which means in exactly one week all h*** will break loose around here for a bit.

2. I would also like to point you to a second blog about Hawaiian music launched at the same time. “Hoʻolohe Hou . . . where classic Hawaiian music lives . . . ” is a wonderful sharing of incredible knowledge about Hawaiian music by Bill Wynne. Youʻll find the blog at   Bill began an internet radio show a while ago, but licensing issues put a halt to the show. But the information and the manaʻo in bringing that information together was too precious to just let it sit in Billʻs head. Just putting up the playlist for us to see and follow up on our own is a wonderful way for all of us to experience Hawaiian music from diverse perspectives!! Hulō, hulō to Hoʻolohe Hou!!

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1 Response to Announcements

  1. Dahmia says:

    Aloha no Amy:
    I just found your blog when I received my latest info from – this is sooo exciting and I’m thrilled you are able to share more of your vast knowledge with those of us who live in other places. Kudos to you for this effort – I will be sure to pass the word – mahalo nui loa – Dahmia

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