Hawaiian music on the web

Some starters:

YouTube: lots of video posted. Search by keywords such as Hawaiian music, music Hawaii [remember to try with and without kahakō], ukulele, slack key guitar, hula, Hawaiian songs. Auntie Wanda Certo compiles a weekly digest of Hawaiian music items with a focus on slack key guitar, and posts it on Taro Patch each Monday.

Taropatch.net : an online community dedicated to slack key guitar and ʻukulele. The Forums are especially lively, with much valuable information exchanged regularly.

PlayHawaiianMusic.com : A Hawaiian music community. Videos posted!

www.mele.com — Hawaiian Music Island. One of the oldest of the online vendors for CDs and DVDs, with an exceptionally comprehensive selection of recordings in print. Founded by Auntie Maria Hickling, she retired and passed the business on to Fred Kraus this past April. He is continuing to uphold Auntie Mariaʻs excellent record of customer service.

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