ʻIke Mo’olelo: Legends, Myths, Moʻolelo

Lots of old books are being digitized and put online for all to benefit.

Unwritten Literature of Hawaii: The Sacred Songs of the Hula, by Nathaniel Emerson (1909). This book should be in every hula dancerʻs library. No, wait–the information in this book should be in every hula dancerʻs head!

Hawaiiʻs Story by Hawaiiʻs Queen, by Liliuokalani (1898). Cry for the people.

Legends, as related by W. D. Westervelt:

  1. Legends of Maui (1910)
  2. Hawaiian Legends of Old Honolulu (1915)
  3. Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes (1916)
  4. Hawaiian Legends of Ghosts and Ghost-Gods (1916)
  5. Hawaiian Historical Legends (1923)

The Kumulipo: A Hawaiian Creation Chant.

  1. translated by Queen Liliuokalani (1897)
  2. translated with commentary by Martha Warren Beckwith (1951)

Hawaiian Mythology, by Martha Warren Beckwith (1940). A scholarly analysis by a professional folklorist. Not yet superceded. Hawaiian scholars, get on the ball!!

Voices of Fire: Reweaving the Literary Lei of Pele and Hiʻiaka, by kuʻualoha hoʻomanawanui (2014). A new book by a star in the firmament of Hawaiian scholars. This book blows Beckwith out of the water, out of the atmosphere, out of the universe.






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